A busy commercial kitchen often leads to a busy restaurant. Keep the restaurant up and running by selecting the right Commercial Oven from Electmax. At FED you will find quality professional Commercial Gas & Electric Cooking Ranges – Electmax Ranges designed and developed to meet your every need. An Electmax Ranges allows doing all for you of that on the same unit.

With Electmax Ranges you can also cook chicken, flip hamburgers, and scramble all eggs simultaneously. Electmax Ranges are even perfectly equipped with polished steel and sturdy cast iron grates and also raised cooking surfaces, so Electmax Rangers’ entirely handled the demands of any restaurant or cafeteria. Some of our Electmax  Ranges are 16% larger working area than other brands, heavy duty for professional use, fully Stainless steel construction and Rear castors.

Use your new commercial oven with Electmax Ranges from all the major brands, and upgrade all of your cafe or restaurant facilities at once.