Pie warmer and hot food display counter tops are available at Federal Hospitality Equipment P/L. And, food warmer can be a pie warmer, bain marie, a plate warmer. A pie warmer is ideal for cafe, bakeries or take away shops where we can display the food in a safe environment and maintaining the food at serving temperature.

A pie warmer also called as food warmer, potentially hazardous food must be kept in food warmer as they are supposed to maintain hot temperature. And, always remember the fact that the food warmers must be hot prior to keeping hot potentially hazardous food into them. And, in the situation where the cooked food falls below 60° C, the product dropped to the danger zone and bacteria can grow.

At FED most of the unit has 3 display adjustable shelves which work on thermostatic control 30 to 80°C. Pie warmers are not limited to warming pies only, but it is also a great for cooked foods, toasted sandwiches. So, if you are running a pie shop or cafe, we have got you covered. These units are for commercial use and we do provide after sales support if you require any.