Metal gastronomy always gives the universal Gastronorm cooking container for preparing different portions for serving any food in your cafeteria or restaurant.

Gastronorm containers are the ideal, flexible nourishment stockpiling storage for any commercial kitchen. The partial measuring structure utilized for gastronorm holders makes them very exchangeable and means you can simply have the ideal size of the container. While perforated gastronorms pans are strong, lightweight stockpiling arrangements, stainless steel gastronorms are also ideal for use in the oven. Metal gastronorms give you an adaptable cooking pan for setting up different portions and are likewise flawless as a preparing plate, bain-marie dish or for serving sustenance in a cafeteria.

These stainless steel gastronorm plates are hardwearing and robust apparatuses for everything from impact chilling to moderate warming and use in serveries. They are accessible with covers for increased temperature control, or without to suit your financial plan and space requirements. Sets embrace adapter bars to remodel your room machinery to suit completely different portion sizes, raising your potency and saving you cash.