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Commercial Catering Supplies Sydney

Furnish your commercial kitchen with premium quality commercial catering supplies

Have you ever seen the interior of a commercial kitchen? If the answer is yes, then you are aware of the layout of a commercial kitchen. Certainly, you have seen different types of high-quality kitchen appliances there. For running a catering business, it is necessary to buy modern kitchen appliances as it is the business of preparing and serving food as well as drinks. High-quality appliances enable you to make quality food at the lowest possible time. The fame of the business depends on serving quality foods to the customers. As the people of Sydney prefer to hire catering companies for preparing and serving foods and beverages on special occasions, it is considered to be a lucrative business for the business entrepreneurs. Therefore, commercial catering supplies in Sydney have become high in demand among them while opening up a catering business.

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Whether you are investing money for the new business or you want to replace older accessories with new and advanced one; in both the cases, you must purchase from a renowned store. But, before placing the order, you should make sure that you are buying branded quality accessories. Though it seems to be too much expensive to buy commercial kitchen accessories, yet it is the long-term investment and for the well-being of your business, you must invest in it. Therefore, you must not cut your budget while buying catering supplies in Sydney. Not only food but also for preparing delicious beverages, various types of modern cooking accessories are required. As catering appliances belong to different categories, such as cooling, heating, food preparing and cleaning, you should have all those accessories to run a catering business.

Different types of equipment available at our store to run a successful catering business


For cooling : For a commercial catering business, you must need refrigerator unit and freezer to preserve the food items. Along with that, there are some foods that need to store at a cold temperature for the authentic taste of those food items. Especially, the drinks must store in freezers for maintaining long-lasting flavor and taste. At our store, you will find high-quality equipment for enhancing your catering business.

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For heating : For preparing good foods with delicious taste, you need to buy proper kitchen ranges, such as for baking, toasting, roasting and so on. We have both electronic and manual cooking accessories that you are going to purchase while looking for commercial catering equipment in Sydney.

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Preparing and cleaning : To prepare food safely, you need proper kitchen supplies. At our online store, all types of accessories are available.
Also, for maintaining a healthy surrounding, you need to have the right cleaning solutions. At our store, you will find all those items to make your commercial kitchen and the accessories clean and tidy.


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We, City Wide Kitchens, are one of the leading suppliers that offer commercial catering supplies in Sydney. As one of the renowned suppliers, we are offering premium quality commercial kitchen accessories and also restaurant furnishing items at the affordable prices. Contact us now, to avail our best prices for the high-quality equipment.

Commercial Cooking Equipment Sydney

Say Good Bye to all mistakes related to buying Commercial Cooking Equipment

It is 2K18 when the modern people love to relish sumptuous dinner in the restaurant for feeling a joyful mood. Especially the youngsters, college-goers find it more interesting to go cafeteria and bar for enjoying a rocking weekend. It has become a part of their daily lives. As the people of modern generation want to lead fashionable and luxurious lifestyles, it is the right time to flourish restaurants, bars, and cafeteria for the purpose of business. If you are a business owner and are thinking about establishing a business, this will be the appropriate option for you.

So, when you are going to set up a new business, you need to arrange a lot of things for the successful running of your business. Hence, the restaurant business is based on cooking and serving delicious foods to the customers, commercial kitchen equipment are very important for you. But, buying commercial cooking equipment in Sydney is a matter of high budget. Therefore, you need to be more conscious while purchasing these cooking appliances. Not only the cooking appliances but also, nowadays customers keep more importance on the atmosphere, ambiance and interior decoration of the business. For this purpose, you should be more careful while buying the accessories for the interior decor. So, here, in the following passages, you will find necessary information on this context.

What are the mistakes people commonly make?

If you are a novice in the in the commercial field, it can be obvious to make mistakes due to lack of experience. Therefore, take a look at those mistakes of buying restaurant equipment. Let’s continue reading the below pages.

Mistake 1 : Not buying energy efficient appliances

Opening a new restaurant needs a huge start-up budget to buy all types of Commercial Cookware. As in the modern days, energy saving is the hottest issue among the people, you should buy energy efficient accessories to reduce energy consumption. It is such an important thing that will help you to lessen the expenses of paying a high amount in energy bills.

As a business owner, you should be more careful on this matter for the purpose of making more profit and be a successful restaurant business entity.

Mistake 2 : Not buying branded products

If you want an accessory which will serve you for a longer period of time, you must not cut your budget while purchasing the cooking equipment. The low-quality appliances may not be able to serve you as efficiently and quickly as branded quality equipment. As a business owner, you need to provide best customer service. Therefore, it is necessary for you to install modern cooking equipment which will enable you to serve the customers fastest delivery service. Contact us to purchase the best quality products.

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We, City Wide Kitchens are here to serve you the supreme quality commercial cooking equipment in Sydney. You can select the modern kitchen appliances from our virtual store. We are also offering best-designed restaurant and bar furniture for you to buy at the best prices. So, place your order with us through our website and enjoy the experience of online shopping with us.